Must See Experts: 

  1. Dr. Duke Pesta
  2. Charlotte Iserbyt
  3. Peg Lusik         
  4. Peg Lusik         
  5. Dr. Jim Milgram
  6. Dr. Pat Huff              Dr. Patrick Huff
  7. Hoge and Iserbyt    Hoge Iserbyt Interview

Texas Engineer Dads Fighting for our Kids:


  1. Randy Houchins:
  2. John Pendergraff:

Math, Math and more Math:


Texas Pediatrician Mom Fighting for our Kids:

  1. Dr. Lori Hines 1
  2. Dr. Lori Hines 2
  3. Dr. Lori Hines 3


Today’s Common Core:

Dr. Susan Berry article



Anita Hoge Freedom Outpost

Voices Empower #ICANSEE

Donna Garner’s Blog

Covering Katy

Robin Eubanks’ Blog

Credentialed To Destroy  

Ginger Russell’s Blog

Merrill Hope at Breitbart

You can find a running hodgepodge of all of these sources as Dianna Des Jardins’ community page: