The Education Reform Movement has taken on various life forms. The easiest way people relate to it is by lumping it in with Common Core.  While Common Core is a good moniker for referring to a central curriculum, the truth is that it has evolved into much more than just what you think of as Common Core.

There are now three general sets of standards involved in the move to nationalize our education system. They are College and Career Readiness, Common Core and the ACT/College Board standards.  They are relatively the same concepts, in that they “integrate” subject matter into fewer “core” subjects and they focus on subjective  concepts, rather than factual, knowledge based learning.  The intent is to alter the way your children think, through their attitudes, behaviors and beliefs, rather than to provide them true Reading, Writing and Arithmetic (History, English/Language Arts.)

This page links articles that have helped me to understand the link between Common Core and whatever they are calling it these days, the history of how we got here and hopefully we a way to move away from here.  There are a number of good sources of information. Once I get them all posted, I will sequence them to help you follow the trail in a more logical, thoughtful order.

These articles, quotes, videos, etc are from public blogs or newssites and were not written or in any way authored by me. I simply use them for reference in order to understand the bigger picture of what is occurring in education.

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Robin Eubanks’ blog UNESCO

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By far the best big picture explanation so far

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