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District of Innovation ~ Cheat Sheet

While our district begins the battle over DOI, it seemed helpful to have a cheat sheet of sorts that we could update with information to share with teachers, parents and taxpayers. Great resource from ATPE on DOI: TASB FAQ:... Continue Reading →

Math Discussion in a Nutshell 07.16

mykidzliberty chats with a Texas mother, grandmother, former teacher and school board member regarding a discussion she had with a teacher friend:   From: mykidzliberty Sent: Friday, July 22, 2016 To: Icemom Subject: MATH in a nutshell She makes some... Continue Reading →

Petition to Texas SBOE Math Standards

July 6, 2016 Texans Join in Petition to Texas State Board of Education Texas has joined the national movement and adopted the Common Core State Standards Initiative under the moniker College and Career Readiness.  The CCSSI math standards, according to experts... Continue Reading →

Dr Huff: We Need a Brexit in Education

We want sanity returned to the classroom. We want to decide what curriculum our teachers will teach. We want the teacher to be returned to their rightful place as the purveyors of knowledge in the classroom, not a computer or some other digital device. We want our children to love going to school and learning for the sake of learning.

Who Is Dr. Dakota Carter? Candidate for SBOE District 6

unedited responses to questions from mykidzliberty by Dr. Dakota Carter who is the opponent to Donna Bahorich for the SBOE seat in District 6

Katy Taxpayers & Parents Have No Say

June 21, 2016 The Texas public school system, with 1228 public school districts who serve over 5 million students,  continues to experience a shift away from community input and respect for parental involvement.  Due in large part to the agendas of lobbies,... Continue Reading →

Student Privacy ~ Data Collection Email to KISD Board of Trustees 05.20

From: Belcher, Kim Sent: Friday, May 20, 2016 To: Griffin, Charles Cc: Michalsky, Bryan; Vann, Ashley; Fox, Rebecca; Adams, Joe; Doyle, Courtney; Dibrell, Henry; 'George' Subject: Student Data & Privacy Concerns Good afternoon. In recent weeks, we have watched as... Continue Reading →

May, 2016

This has been a tough year for Texas teachers.  They all are, but this one has been extraordinary. The pressures on them grow daily.  They are bombarded by demands that are handed down by bureaucrats, lobbyists and activists that have not... Continue Reading →

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