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Lance Roberts talks about the endless money that flows through Wall Street thanks to education: 3/3/17 ~ Hour 2 ~ 33:00 Lance, Wall Street, School Choice

Parents On Education: Report

In 2016, parents and educators from around the State of Texas expended effort to contact their legislators regarding education matters.  These individuals extended their outreach through  private meetings, written correspondence, social media contact and testimony before the State Board of Education... Continue Reading →

Guest Commentary from Mary Mcgarr

Mary McGarr is a trusted friend, retired educator, past board member, citizen watchdog and journalist.  mykidzliberty is honored to share her thoughts expressed to Lou Dobbs. Preface to her letter:  I sent this letter to Lou Dobbs (  He's the only newscaster smart... Continue Reading →

The Reality of A-F Hits Home for Schools ~ By Dr. Patrick Huff

mykidzliberty looks to education expert Dr. Patrick Huff for guidance on all matters related to accountability.  We have spent a great deal of time in this blog discussing how the so called accountability system is a government machine that has no... Continue Reading →

Katy ISD Team Building January, 2016

Letter to the Editor of Covering Katy I encourage you to publish the link to the recent follow up team building meeting of the Katy ISD Board of Trustees. BOT Team Meeting 01.17 The Katy community, at a minimum, should... Continue Reading →

When Choice Leaves No Choice

True competition can only be achieved when private entities use private capital to create options in education that are not tied to State or Federal mandates. To remove the ability to not be tied to government run schools violates every... Continue Reading →

TEKS Killing Texas Ed

Letter to the Texas legislature included with the Texas Parent Report on Education December 29, 2016 In 2016 testimony to the Senate Education Committee, I questioned Senator Larry Taylor about his statement that the Legislature needed to “hurry up and... Continue Reading →

Email to SBOE Member Pat Hardy 11.05.16

From Kim Belcher Gutierrez To pathardy2008, phardy Cc donna.bahorich, tincymiller35, kbamercer, lallen1, marisa.perez, martha.dominguez, marty, ruben.cortez, smelton51, thomas, tom, sboecargill, david.bradley, EBeltranSBOE Good morning,... Continue Reading →

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