The following documents may be referenced as they pertain to the Katy ISD School News information session on The State of Education that was held in Katy, Texas on Juy 14, 2016.

Guest speakers were Dr. Patrick Huff, Alice Linahan, Steve Swanson, P.E. (inactive), Randy Houchins and John Pendergraff.

Please contact Kim at 832-622-4999 or for more information or visit the Katy ISD School News Facebook page.

  1. Agenda and Primary Power Point: PPT Katy 6-14-16 Handout r
  2. Dr. Patrick Huff Power Point:
  3. Public Information: WHY PIA in Texas with typed quotes and AG Ltr Video Back Up
  4. How to Use Texas Ed Code: TX ComEd – ISD BoardandSuperin Respons TEC & Policy – Brief
  5. Public Information Hints: Tools for citizen journalists Requesting Public Information &
  6. Reporting Findings:   Template – Governance ORR and Response Publicly Presented to Board and Public 5-3-16
  7. Texas Education Code: Local Organization & Governance  ED.11 Governance 5-30-16 11-251t0254
  8. The Houchins Report STAAR TEKS Review: 2016_04_07 2015 STAAR Questions & TEKS Review (rev03)2016_04_07 2015 STAAR Questions & TEKS Review (rev03)
  9. The Houchins Report STAAR TEKS Review doc:   2016_04_07 2015 STAAR Questions & TEKS Review (rev03)
  10. Local Leadership Opportunities in the Texas Education Code: Structure – Systemic CBLA with Intermediary OPPORTUNITY
  11. Community Based Leadership Action for Youth:  Community Possibility Flow Chart CBLA 1-19-13 email
  12. Map to SBOE Meeting/Parking:   TEA MAP 2

Please see the Additional Resources page of mykidzliberty for additional resources from experts like Dr. Jim Milgram, Dr. Sandra Stotsky, Dr. Duke Pesta and more.