This journey started as a personal family struggle and has evolved with the realization that education in Texas and America has been “hijacked,” for a lack of better words.  It  seems it went awry with the nationalization/globalization movement, but has been exacerbated by lobbyists and corporations that are willing to sell out what is good and decent for the almighty dollar.

It saddens me to know that so many things can go wrong because good people either do nothing or participate in what they know to be bad because of fear.

I have been blessed to network with some amazing people that understand the nature of this beast and hope to use this blog to share what they are teaching me along the way.

One person cannot do everything, but together we can do many things.  All I ask is that you walk away from this doing something.  Whatever you are capable of in the realm of your daily life, do it. Whether it just be making a phone call to an elected official or attending a meeting to ask questions or writing letters, do something.  Everything matters.

Listen here to learn how my family’s journey began:

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