This is so simple.

President Trump is our President because the heartbeat of America was done with sleazy politicians who play backroom games.  We did not know what to expect from Donald J. Trump other than a hard hitting force against the status quo and we got it.

There is no guessing as to whether that is what the people wanted and are demanding even more today.   His approval ratings can be seen by the most blind to the political realm.

…. and yet, the Republican Party of Texas and James Dickey have doubled down on miring themselves deep into the swamp and continuing on with what the people have so adamantly shown to be against.

In a recent Facebook thread, Texans For Stovall supporters asked James Dickey, Chairman of the RPT, to make a good faith effort at righting an ugly wrong that had his signature on it. Dickey broke his Party’s protocol, allowing an endorsement for primary candidates to make its way out to Republican donors/voters in a fundraiser letter.

After an exchange with several Republicans on social media, this was the most telling response of where Dickey is today on the topic.

James Dickey’s message is that he is part of the establishment and can do anything he pleases because of the deep pockets that are treating him like he is one of the good ol’ boys.  If you support Dickey, you might look out for him and tell him the truth… he needs new friends if he wants to stay in this game.  Whether it is one month from now or 4 years from now, the grassroots will win, one way or the other.  We want government out of our lives and we want power returned to the states as was intended.  Continuing to spit in the faces of constituents only fuels the fire that has been put into motion the last four years. It is not going to end well for those who are in this for the politics instead of the people.  The people have spoken and will not go back to resting until we have finished draining the swamp, in DC and at home.

Based on this comment, it would appear that Dickey is on a political suicide mission. I hope the company he keeps is worth it.


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