June 20, 2018

After I was told by one of the Public Information Officers at Katy ISD this week that individuals in the district were “getting smart” and learning “not to put anything in writing” so as not to subject their decisions to public information, I decided that I would start sharing some of the shenanigans with other taxpayers.  We will start with the easiest one to follow and share others as I get them organized.

Of particular interest to me was the training, which at first I was told was campus based, then it was not. Then the Deputy Superintendent returns to the position that it was campus based.  Finally, the district says there are no training materials. Goodness, I hope this is not what we will find when we ask what kind of training the officer had who tased the special needs student into oblivion.

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a) When was the restorative practices coordinator position created? b) Is there more than one position related to restorative practices? If so, please name the position and identify when it was established. c) Please provide the name of the programs, grants or any other resource that were the basis for establishing restorative practices in Katy ISD. d) Please provide the date this program and any related programs were approved by the board of trustees or an administrator in Katy ISD. e) Please describe how the program(s) identified above are funded in Katy ISD. f) Please provide any contracts, agreements, grants, or other legal or binding documents associated with this program(s.) g) Please define any requirements that Katy ISD must meet in order to participate or maintain participation in this program(s.) h) Please identify the goals of the program and any measurements that determine whether the program is successful for its intended purpose(s.) I) Please provide any reports, assessments or analyses that have been conducted by the district or any other party to determine the success rate of this program(s.) Thank you.


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Fri 5/25/2018 7:16 PM