In 2016, parents and educators from around the State of Texas expended effort to contact their legislators regarding education matters.  These individuals extended their outreach through  private meetings, written correspondence, social media contact and testimony before the State Board of Education and Senate Education Committee of the 84th Texas Legislature.

When the SEC ended its session, it presented its November, 2016 Interim Report.  The report read as more of a political promotion, rather than a reflection of both sides of issues pertaining to education.  The parents and educators that had spent their time and resources explaining to their representatives why some of their proposed reforms were not in the best interest of Texas kids, had been left out of the report.

Some of those Texans chose to compile their own responses to the Interim Report.  It is entitled Parents on Education, 2016 Testimonies Before the Senate Committee… This compilation can be found here:

The contributors to the report have delivered the reports and personal invitations to State Representatives and Senators to hear a presentation of the material at the Capitol on March 7, 2017.  Constituents throughout the State are being urged to contact their legislators and request that they attend this briefing.



The presenters represent public, private and homeschool education and support the freedom of parents to determine the path for their child’s education.

Press Release for the Event:


Will your representatives and senators attend?  Ask them now.  Who Represents Me Texas?