Mary McGarr is a trusted friend, retired educator, past board member, citizen watchdog and journalist.  mykidzliberty is honored to share her thoughts expressed to Lou Dobbs.

Preface to her letter:
 I sent this letter to Lou Dobbs (  He’s the only newscaster smart enough to maybe realize what’s wrong with our educational system.
I hope that you can aid me in this effort.  Send him your own letter asking for help with really fixing our educational system.
 Mrs. DeVos isn’t the answer. Shutting down the Department of Education isn’t the answer (although it’s a step in the right direction.) Vouchers and charter schools are not the answer. Returning our educational system to the way it was in 1959 is the answer!
 I know that sounds like I’m living in the past.  I’m not. I’ve been involved in educational matters until this moment.

January 19, 2017
Mr. Dobbs,
You MUST have a full program on the education issue and the fact that Mrs. DeVos is a well-known supporter of Common Core. You are the only media person wise enough to know that there is something wrong with education. I can tell that from things you say.
Mrs. DeVos, like so very many others, has no clue about the curriculum that is being delivered in our public schools.
Or, she DOES know and that’s why in 3 hours and umpteen minutes of testimony before the Committee on Education she never once mentioned curriculum and obviously didn’t want to talk about her views on the subject.
NO ONE can fix education unless they put back and return the liberal arts curriculum that existed in our country for hundreds of years before Hillary Clinton and Marc Tucker began their efforts to liberalize the curriculum and take it from being knowledge based to being affective, watered down, social engineering in an effort to change the core beliefs of our Nation’s children.
They and their accomplices have been at it for forty years or more.  The result of their effort can be seen in the number of voters garnered by Bernie Sanders. That’s what they were hoping.
President-elect Trump doesn’t understand what’s happened in our public schools.  Vouchers and Charter Schools are not the answer. Those solutions will only continue the present poor education. The answer lies in fixing the curriculum in our public schools. The governments cannot issue enough vouchers or build enough charter schools to fix the problem. Think about it!
The answer lies in hiring teachers with academic degrees from good colleges. The answer lies in shutting down colleges of education. Those two things are key and the first to consider.
The answer lies in putting more children in a class. (My first grade teacher had 45 students, and she taught all of them, including the five native Spanish speakers who had to learn English first, how to read by the end of the year!) The answer lies in teaching all children to read using phonics.  Whole language (the current method of choice) is deliberately designed to keep children from learning how to read!
The answer lies in making sure, by the end of the fifth grade, children can add, subtract, multiply and divide in their heads; that they can work with fractions, a decimal point, do long division and know what square roots are.  The answer lies in having teachers who have actually taken a college math course instead of a course in math education and who can teach Algebra I in just one year to every 9th grade student.  The answer lies in students being taught REAL science from the first grade, not the “let’s play like we’re scientists and pour water from one jar to another or drop an egg off the top of the school to see if the container we made keeps it from breaking;” the answer lies in students being taught accurate American history from the beginning of our country, in the 11th grade, and if it takes another year IN HIGH SCHOOL to cover it all then make that accommodation.
The answer lies in dumping all the extraneous non-academic courses and activities that students are forced to take.
An academically educated populace creates people who can think for themselves, and  who can pursue additional education according to their I.Q., ambition, and means.
To take that ability away from us is criminal, and someone needs to be saying so!
There are people like Donna Garner in Texas ( and Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt who was President Reagan’s Undersecretary of Education and who wrote The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America (one can read it on line) who can better explain to you what needs to be done.
Thank you for your consideration of this critical matter.
Mary McGarr
Board Member
Katy ISD School Board 1991-1996
Katy, TX