Letter to the Editor of Covering Katy

I encourage you to publish the link to the recent follow up team building meeting of the Katy ISD Board of Trustees. BOT Team Meeting 01.17

The Katy community, at a minimum, should observe how our resources are being utilized and by whom.  Preferably, constituents would engage, but observation would be an improvement at this point.

Most telling in this video is how the TASB (Texas Association of School Boards) facilitator, Dr. Bill Rutherford, attempts to drive the direction of the end result. It is not as blatant as some that we have seen, but it is obvious, just the same.  TASA (Texas Association of School Administrators) and TASB are far too engrained in our policy and culture.

BOT member Bryan Michalsky continues to cause me concern as he again tries to distance the board from accountability for the curriculum and academics in the district. While those items are the Superintendent’s charge, the Superintendent is the employee of the board.   I also was not sure of Michalsky’s intent in striking out at George Scott regarding public information being available to trustees. What is the issue?

It is worth noting that Scott is the first BOT member during my years in Katy that I recall asking for real “accountability” reporting.  It is high time that someone ask questions about the effect that the dozens of benchmarks performed by the district are having (or not having) on student performance.

It was somewhat frustrating to see several members put on the charade that they love for the public to come forward in open forum.  That is not the message they have conveyed through their actions over the last few years.

While Dr. Hindt’s perspective on the reform curriculum and his choice of contracting Engage2Learn is concerning, we must give him due credit for being able to cut to the chase in these meetings.  It is nice to see a grown up in the room instead of a dictator.

The most entertaining part of the event was BOT member & TASB board member Henry Dibrell.  Dibrell spent the better part of his first years on the board carrying the water of former Superintendent Alton Frailey only to throw him under the bus for the sake of campaigning during this meeting and of course pandering to the new superintendent. Dibrell didn’t miss any opportunities to poke fun at Scott, either.

There is nothing earth shattering in this particular recording, but it gives constituents the ability to see members interact with one another and understand how decisions are made.

In this day when academics are being undermined and the shift is occurring from knowledge based education to social/emotional training, everyone should be keeping a close eye on what is happening with the people that manage our local schools.