Friend of Mykidzliberty, Sean Mahan and I were discussing the concerns of the transition from a school district’s DOI plan to the implementation of the actual policy, which is passed through to the district’s by TASB.  Like the corrupt standards that were handed to the SBOE by TASA, it is not clear whether the policy is authored by TASB or if the lobby is just a pass through to the districts for these policies.

From Sean:

Attached are is the DOI for El Paso, and each corresponding Policy change (in draft format showing the changes). DK is the policy that impacts teacher certs. I recommend reviewing each policy and the related DOI plan on that topic. If you notice some policies have lines and others do not. This is because some policies make changes and others are entirely new.




doi-policy-fo-local-behavioral-coordinator el-paso-doi-plan