mykidzliberty chats with a Texas mother, grandmother, former teacher and school board member regarding a discussion she had with a teacher friend:


From: mykidzliberty

Sent: Friday, July 22, 2016

To: Icemom

Subject: MATH in a nutshell

She makes some thoughtful points and I am glad that she is open minded. Some teachers are afraid to have these conversations and it is imperative when we find one that we keep the conversation going.

I would encourage you to share some of the work that John and our friend Randy have done. We have all corresponded with Dr. James Milgram and Randy and John have worked with him on pinpointing the root of the issues with the TEKS.

Randy’s testimony to the SBOE today and the testimony of he and others can be found here:

Randy actually took all of the STAAR tests himself, analyzed them and summarized his findings in this report:

One of Dr. Migram’s testimonies to the State is attached in pdf format. Dr Milgram Tek comments

Here is a video of Dr. Milgram:

This is an article by Dr. Berry that I thought was well done:

Dr. Duke Pesta is one of the best at helping us to understand Common Core. I have links to his work and other resources here:

 It is important for everyone in education to understand that all 50 states have adopted some form of the Common Core or national standards framework.  As you will see in the attachment from Dr. Milgram, it is even more chaotic when states attempt to merge rational math standards with the common core standards.

College and career readiness IS indeed common core. There is more about this topic on the blog, along with other correspondence and education topics.