July 6, 2016

Texans Join in Petition to Texas State Board of Education

Texas has joined the national movement and adopted the Common Core State Standards Initiative under the moniker College and Career Readiness.  The CCSSI math standards, according to experts like Stanford professor and mathematician, Jim Milgram, are harmful to student learning / development and after three years’ exposure, tend to impede the ability to learn traditional arithmetic. Dr. Milgram went on to further condemn the version that Texas finally implemented, as it was an immersion of Common Core into the Texas TEKS standards. It is his contention that the immersed standards are exceedingly worse than the Common Core standards because they combine two types of expectations that are largely incompatible.

A group of Texas parents formed a petition to urge their State Board of Education Chairperson, Donna Bahorich, to reconsider her decision and allow a discussion regarding math standards on the formal SBOE agenda for the July, 2016 quarterly meeting.

These parents are from communities around the State.  A number of them have worked with their own districts and some have month after month petitioned the State Board to repeal and replace the standards that they say are causing problems in Texas public school classrooms, impacting students and teachers at all grade levels.

To date, this group, whose members are organized under a Facebook page named Katy ISD School News, has gathered 483 online signatures and 96 handwritten signatures from various locations around Texas. While the page began with parents in Katy ISD, it has expanded to include parents fighting against the national standards from around the State of Texas.

The first round petition, along with numerous comments, such as this one from a contributor to the 2012 standards, will be presented to Chairperson Bahorich today.

“As a member of the committee that wrote the new Texas 2012 Math Standards, I am deeply distressed with this twisted outcome of our work. Some of us fought hard to have standards that only told what to teach, not how to teach mathematics. There are curricula materials that focus on content and procedures, not nuanced and/or unfamiliar processes, and would support the standards. The interpretations by education “leaders” to focus on processes have allowed Common Core vendors full access to Texas schools–and lots of money to change hands.”  Niki Hayes

Interested parents, teachers, administrators and taxpayers may sign the petition until August 1, 2016.  Go to Bring Back Real Math, Texas! to sign and share the petition.

Texans are encouraged to join this effort to restore solid academics to our classrooms.