May 17, 2016

Last night, several Katy ISD parents came forward to address the Board of Trustees on a number of important issues.  Most of them I felt empathy toward because I knew their words were falling on deaf ears of people that believe they must conform to federal strings.

One parent’s testimony particularly stood out in contrast to the others.  Mr. Jaime Torres came forward to speak on behalf of his family.  Whether or not you agree or oppose Mr. Torres’ views, I loved his approach. He did not come to just express his feelings or explain his worries.  It was not the position of the issue that I was moved by, but his passion toward expecting the people that signed up to be your elected voice to rise to the occasion.

It was refreshing to hear a member of the community come forward and respectfully make a plea and establish an expectation to the people who say they want to represent you and let them know they should do everything possible to do so.

Thank you, Mr. Torres for your willingness to stand up for your beliefs on behalf of your family, your business and your community.  No matter whether your neighbors are on the same side of the issue that you are, they should applaud your effort for this.

Listen to Mr. Torres here: