From: Belcher, Kim

Sent: Wednesday, May 11, 2016 3:38 PM

To: ‘Griffin, Charles’

Cc:;;;;;; ‘Matney, Allison, E (ASSESSMENT)’; ‘Grooms, Andrea M (COMM & GOV)’; ‘Holland, Bonnie B (SPEC SRVCS)’; ‘’ S


Good afternoon.

 I have been made aware of the attached information through the trusted  law firm of Arnold and Placek.  I think the district should take a proactive approach to making this information available to the community.  At a minimum, I think it should be included on the website so that parents whom have questions can be directed there.  I believe that it would be wise to inform campus personnel and direct them to the link on the website so as to prevent the dissemination of false information being provided to parents, such as, “It is not possible to access student assessments.”

Your response to this request is most appreciated.

Kim Belcher