It is no secret that I have expressed concern about the opt out movement for the STAAR being a gateway to the next step –  Next Generation Assessment & Accountability, which I believe will be a worse encroachment on our kids’ rights and privacy; however, I have made acquaintance with Scott Placek, a dad, attorney and opt out warrior that has dedicated his time to fighting the TEA on behalf of kids and parents.  I trust his analysis and advice on parental rights as it pertains to this subject.

Mr. Placek’s firm, Arnold & Placek, P.C., has published this step by step guide to gaining access to your student’s personal STAAR assessment. I find this courtesy to be a huge benefit to parents that have been told repeatedly that you cannot see work that your child has produced, yet is the basis of an assessment of his skills.

Reviewing Your Child’s STAAR Assessment: A Step By Step Guide:

To tell your story, express your appreciation or learn more about this process, visit his group Facebook page:

Texans Take Action Against STAAR