I often say that I stumbled upon the problems in education by accident, but there are no accidents.  Only God could have opened my eyes to what I have learned in the last two years. It would otherwise be unfathomable to me.

The journey began with wondering whether my child had a learning disability, then evolved into thinking the local school district was deficient.  Of course the motherly gut instincts in me would not let it go, thinking that surely if we could just get to the right people and let them know what was going on, we could fix “this.”  Long story short, my mentors and I have exhausted every effort at involving the governor, the lieutenant governor, state attorney general, education commissioner, state board chair, state legislators, congressional representatives, etc in the problems with the public school system.  Some of them are even admitting in public testimony their willingness to “do whatever the Federal government expects us to do.”

We have learned that they have an agenda that has nothing to do with academics, teaching children or the success of teachers. With that said, the greatest take away is that we absolutely must gain local control of our public schools (and other local forms of government for that matter) before that control is stolen from us in the night by this corrupt reform movement.

In the independent school district that we live in, we presently have a board of seven members that have been compliant with the State and Federal governments, at all costs.  They have continually sat idly by when of all people they should be the voices speaking up and making demands on behalf of our children, yet they are ill informed and complacent.

On Saturday, May 7, 2016, I will vote for George Scott for Position 1 of the Katy ISD Board of Trustees.  I respectfully ask that you do the same and let’s make this our first step to returning the power to the people of our community.   ~ mykidzliberty ~ Katy, Texas

Please see the latest statement from Mr. Scott:

“Local control for local school districts is much harder to protect today because of the unreasonable influence that the Federal government has assumed in public education AND because – whether it wants to admit to it or not – the State of Texas through the Texas Education Agency has become almost as destructive a force as the Federal government in many ways.

 However, school boards still have tremendous statutory authority. Sadly, organizations like the Texas Association of School Boards (my 27-year incumbent covets being 2nd vice president of that anti-truth-anti-taxpayer-anti-parent group) and the Texas Association of School Administrators have worked for decades to convince local school boards just how little power the institution has. This surrender to the will of these kinds of powerful groups that have a vested interest in destroying the legitimacy of the local school board MUST STOP and we might as well start the stopping in Katy.

 If taxpayers and parents elect me to the Katy ISD School Board, the top goal will be to assert and use the legitimate, lawful authority of the school board in every way it can. There will be no reform ever unless there is a leader who understands what local control once meant and can still mean.

In truth, great damage has been done to the institution of the school board… but, we have to stop walking backward against these forces and start reclaiming the role of parents and taxpayers to be the bosses.

 I will not shrink from that challenge. If voters elect me, I will do everything in my power to lead a reform effort in Katy that can spread across Texas.

 We need a genuine advocate at a board table; it might as well be at the Katy ISD School Board table.

Thanks for your inquiry and thanks for your support.”

George H. Scott