Who knows Texas Education?  Everyone knows.  There is a big lie that funnels throughout the nation that liberals are responsible for the destruction of our public school system.

Don’t get me wrong.  The left contrives the inane policies and non academic insanity that permeate our school systems, but where are the gatekeepers that are supposed to be pushing them back?

In the touted “most Conservative” state in the union, you would think that Conservative leadership would be taking a stand against the nationalization of our kids’ educations, yet, they are not.

They know full well that our state has and continues to implement the national standards, assessments and accountability systems that are creating havoc in our classrooms. Each of them has knowledge of this from his or her own perspective, but day in and day out continues pressing on with the lie that they are diligently working in your favor to protect and preserve the 10th amendment rights of our citizens.

While they sellout the education of our kids for low quality academics and the biggest bang for the buck that can be attained for the collection of their data, taxpayers see less and less ability to influence the process.

Now they will lead you to believe that they are listening and they understand your concerns, but time after time they continue to act against the best interests of our state, our children, our teachers, parental rights and the future of our state and nation.

Evidence has been provided to each of these so called Conservatives and/or their staff members demonstrating how these national standards have forced their way into our state standards and are corrupting our curriculum, lesson plans and teacher training.  Each has chosen to either dismiss these concerns or out and out pretend that the evidence isn’t what it seems.

Texas, we have a problem.  If administrators, school board members, superintendents, teachers, parents and taxpayers do not take the time to start pressing these individuals, we are going to lose our culture and cheat our kids out of the education that we were privileged to have. We are soon to lose our voice and ability to impact these changes.

This is just a glimpse of what you can expect to see by allowing these people to run rampant with your tax dollars while they silence your input:

  • Mental health assessments of your kids through what seem to be innocuous means like surveys and games;
  • Real time, any time assessments, not just in academics, but in social and emotional responses;
  • Data mining and collection of any and all activities of students, teachers and schools that will be on the open market for anyone paying the right price;
  • Implementation in the classroom of the national standards, which has already happened with math, but will continue to evolve for all subjects, resulting in less emphasis on academics and more emphasis on influencing the way your child sees the world;
  • Title I schools being “rescued” through public/private partnerships in the name of school choice, swiftly and without much fanfare, resulting in appointed boards and phasing out elected local boards; other public schools will eventually follow;
  • Social justice and religious tolerance training will disrupt classrooms and create parent uprising, ultimately re-segregating our student populations;
  • English immersed subjects will include global awareness, sustainability, and environmental instruction; retraining in civics, government and economics; focus on collaborative, rather than individual skills and success.

It is imperative that parents take the time to understand what is going on in your child’s classroom:

  • Show up.  Know the teacher.  Correspond regularly, even when grades are meeting expectations;
  • Ask for lesson plans;
  • Show up to review tests after grading, ask questions about assignments and understand the goal for the course;
  • Continually monitor and assess the use of technology or opt out your child from the use of any technology; (don’t take no for an answer)
  • Set your own expectations for where your child’s skills should be. If they are not at an appropriate level, escalate the concern with the campus and district administrators until they are sufficiently addressed;
  • Know the names of your school board members, when they meet, keep an eye on agendas and show up when you can;
  • Be your teacher’s advocate; they have little ability to voice concerns due to the way their contracts are structured; don’t put them in positions to defend you or your child; you are responsible for being your child’s voice;
  • Keep an eye on what is going on with the legislature, the state board and the commissioner’s new team of social justice warriors.

I know your inboxes fill up daily, even in non election seasons, while these same people beg for campaign contributions and tell you emphatically how they are looking out for your families.

No one is looking out for your family but you, regardless of what brand they put behind their names. Be involved and take the time to keep these people or accountable or help grow their replacements in the grassroots.