Just, wow!  What a week in education at both the state and national levels.  There is too much to cover to be in depth this morning, but will feed your curiosity enough to make you go look until we can get the time to further elaborate.

A couple of years ago Battleground Texas waged a war to overcome the Republican stronghold that has been historically held in Texas.  We laughed.  One of their battles was to promote Wendy Davis for Governor.  We laughed.  She failed.  We laughed some more.  They may have lost that battle, but they have not surrendered the war.  Despite waging ACORN like assaults on our voter registration system, they have not yet succeeded in their overall mission. Most Texans see that as a good thing and most Republicans are not fearful that they will succeed on those fronts any time soon.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the Governor, Greg Abbott, who likes to tout himself as the 10th amendment loving guy, has appointed Texas Education Commissioner Mike Morath.  Just a reminder of what mykidzliberty warned a few months back:

“Under Morath you will see a push that will result in the accountability system being manipulated in order to takeover certain school districts. You will see private corporations step in to takeover public schools with the use of taxpayer funds. They will call them charters so it will be painted as a good thing, like you are getting competition and choices. In effect, you are being subjected to further taxation without representation because you will no longer be able to elect the board, they will be appointed. The last bit of voice that a parent or taxpayer has will be stripped from them.” 

This week, Commissioner Morath has locked the team in place that will help him accomplish this.  Ironically, it advances the ball further down the field than Battleground Texas could have accomplished on their own for at least a few years to come.  Four of the five appointments have been or are Democrat activists at some level or another, whether through their State Democrat parties or through organizations funded by leftist/liberal groups that are on their own missions… to suck up the taxpayer money that is flowing freely through the education machine.

At least two of the appointees have done a fairly good job of “scrubbing” some of their past from the internet, but one thing is visibly clear about each of them.  They are charged with carrying out what you have been forewarned… various forms of public/private partnerships are about to invade your school districts, using your money and leaving you with no voice in your kids education. So, if you like your red state, you can keep your red state… except, is that red like Conservatism or red like Communism?

On the national front, US Senator Lamar Alexander, who has authored or sponsored some of the worst federal overreach legislation/proposed legislation in history, went on a witch hunt this week pretending that he is gunning for Obama’s Education Secretary, John King.  While Alexander took ownership and bragged gleefully at the passage of the recent ESSA legislation, which clearly usurps the rights of our states, our kids and our families, this week he launched a marketing campaign to make it look as if the Obama administration is misinterpreting the intent of the law for their own agendas.  Listen folks, the agendas are the same.  They have varying desired end results on either side of the fence for how one side benefits versus the other, but make no mistake, these people are all on the same team.

The following day, Education Secretary John King pulls out more smoke and mirrors for his Vegas magic show.  He tells us how we want and need more “well rounded” students.  This is code for they want into your kids minds, but first he wants to make you believe that they want to teach and assess more subjects than just math and reading.  It contradicts the corrupt national reform movement, which is presently in the immersion process of winding us down to just two core subjects, math and English.  Math and science will combine, while language arts, reading and history will get watered down and merged into English. More lies, but why?  Why are they again saying one thing and doing another?

Within the next year, this is what you will see:

  • Mental health assessments of your kids through what seem to be innocuous means like surveys and games;
  • Real time, any time assessments, not just in academics, but in social and emotional responses;
  • Data mining and collection of any and all activities of students, teachers and schools that will be on the open market for anyone paying the right price;
  • Implementation in the classroom of the national standards, which has already happened with math, but will continue to evolve for all subjects, resulting in less emphasis on academics and more emphasis on influencing the way your child sees the world;
  • Title I schools being “rescued” through public/private partnerships in the name of school choice, swiftly and without much fanfare, resulting in appointed boards and phasing out elected local boards; other public schools will eventually follow;
  • Social justice and religious tolerance training will disrupt classrooms and create parent uprising, ultimately re-segregating our student populations;
  • English immersed subjects will include global awareness, sustainability, and environmental instruction; retraining in civics, government and economics; focus on collaborative, rather than individual skills and success

The wheels are in motion.  This is filtering into the classroom, as we speak.  If your kids are younger than high school, my recommendation is that there is only one solution: homeschool as quickly as you can.  Those who choose not to homeschool need to roll up their sleeves and plan to get involved and stay involved. Do not take your eye off the ball.  There is no doubt that your kids are human capital in this corrupt movement and it is beyond any of our imagination to what extent they will be used for that purpose.