A group of parents has clearly demonstrated to the Texas State Board of Education that we know and understand how the national standards designed by Common Core consultants/authors like Shirley Dickson and Sybilla Beckmann have been forced into our Texas TEKS.

Some of those members of the SBOE have attempted to persuade Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick to help us cleanse those standards and actually put some “teeth,” if you will, into the Common Core prohibition that both the Governor and Lt. Governor are so proud of. When pressed on the issue, the Lt. Governor threw up his hands and said, “What do you want me to do… take their (schools) money away?”

Hmm, now there is a noble thought, but no. That is not where it should begin. It should begin by the Governor and Lt. Governor standing up on behalf of our Texas SBOE and our Texas legislators and saying, no matter what lipstick you put on your pig, we are not taking Federal pork here.

Please understand that these national standards were pushed into our State standards prior to ESSA so this is separate and apart from the big brother legislation recently passed (that, by the way, Senator Cruz happened to miss the final vote.)

Further, mandatory pre-kindergarten is nothing but another Federal monkey on our backs and was pushed on Texas by our own Governor himself as he sent warnings to our legislators to get on board with it.

What are we getting from the Fed in return to make this worthwhile. Why does the supposed most “Conservative” state in the union, who prides itself on its sovereignty in matters not afforded to the Feds, have NO ONE who is standing up and pushing this atrocity back to the big ed gods who think they know what is best for Texas kids?

We have attempted to make contact with the Governor on these issues.  He is surrounded by education lobbyists on his own staff that make it nearly impossible to know whether he is privy to the goings on with the standards or if he is being ‘shield’ed by people like Julie Shields, who has been a paid TASA executive.  (TASA being the same lobby that we have shown you directed the SBOE on the national framework being backed into our TEKS.)

This blog is merely a reiteration of my rants past, but I am extremely frustrated watching the endorsements of Abbott and Patrick on behalf of Ted Cruz, whom I at one time greatly admired.

Our kids are getting the shaft and it is these supposed big Conservative politicians who are supposed to be the gatekeepers against this invasion that are failing them.

When will they take a stand and mind their posts?