There has been a lot of buzz about the hearing that was held Tuesday, February 22, 2016 in Austin by the Texas Commission on Next Generation Assessments and Accountability.

Commissioner Mike Morath seemed much more open and relaxed than others before him  have been about admitting the road we are embarking upon (particularly on the Texas State Board of Education.)

There are many aspects of the entire concept that are disturbing and in my never to be humble opinion, violate our Constitutional rights, with no clear path to actually providing any improved learning or education for our kids.

It is important that you take the time to research some things for yourself, for example finding the links between Common Core, College Board, ACT, SAT, College and Career Readiness, PARCC, etc, how they are all intertwined in the education reform corruption and how they are all siblings to one another in the 21st Century Learning ideology.

You can either start at the bottom with what your school district is doing and work your way to the top or start at the top, which is UNESCO with their push for our children to be global citizens instead of unique, sovereign indivdual Americans, then work your way back down through the US Federal government, State Board and finally your community.   The paths are the same, although winding and not a straight shot by any means, but they start and end with the same result regardless of which end you begin. (hint you can’t find your way just by going through the Department of Education; CCSSO, Education Commission of the States, NAEP, NAGB…)

While it is important that you come to the conclusions of the above on your own so that it will fully make sense to you that our State has succumbed to the national standards (with a global purpose,) it is equally important that you understand the Next Generation aspect of this movement.  It is the piece that will create the ties that bind… bind your kid to constant electronic data mining, monitoring, assessment and information dissemination, that is.

Yes, it sounds like something out of a science fiction novel, but the groundwork is laid and chances are by the time you have completed reading this blog, your school has already expended its first payments to begin gearing up.  Our local District has spent millions with companies like CDW Government, Inc. and Apple, Inc., month after month, over the last several months.

There have been several attempts at a “common” core of standards and curriculum throughout the US. Like most big ventures, they failed a couple of times before they hit the jackpot.  The difference this time is that they infiltrated many arenas to push it down from the top through lobbies for Superintendents, School Boards, Administrators, parent/teacher organizations, unions, etc.

To begin to get the picture of how it progressed in the US, you can start with 2010 and Barack Hussein Obama:

In 2012, ERIC is describing the link between Next Gen and Common Core (the Next Gen science initiative is a discussion worthy of its own:)

Today, Morath would love to be able to take the credit for this being a unique brainchild of Texas, but in reality, there is enough evidence to show its development stemming from federal government initiatives, despite our claims to fame.  (Texas SBOE did have a committee work on certain aspects to tweak the domains and some other items to make it appear as if there was some tailoring to address parental and community concerns.)

There is a great deal more available for those that are interested in researching it.  It has been proven time and again that if a parent wants to know, they will find it. Overloading them in one place with too much information has not proven fruitful, but I do think that it is important for one to have a place to begin.

This movement is going to ultimately result in stripping you of your parental rights and exposing your child’s “real time” constant assessment of academics and emotional responses to a number of entities, including the Federal government.

Are you interested yet?