The filing deadline for the Katy ISD Board of Trustees’ May election is upon us.

Katy is made up of a vast array of people, personalities, party affiliations, etc.  I like to think that most of the audience that this blog will reach are above average in intelligence. The Katy ISD News page has a great following of brilliant neighbors.

During my time in Katy, the one thing that I have found most disappointing is the infighting among people that ultimately are like minded on some important issues.

There are a number of these concerns that these people could ultimately tackle and agree upon a desired end result, but for a multitude of reasons, can’t seem to get along well enough to work toward resolution on anything.

There are a few that are “out there” that like to stir the pot, but for the most part, I think there are plenty that have the sense to be real problem solvers and leave Katy a better place than we found it.

I implore every one to take the time to consider whether they can set aside differences they may have with others, personal agendas and party differences to look at what needs to be done and extend an olive branch toward other productive members of the community that you may not agree with on 100% of issues, but could be an ally to you in getting things done.