Texas’ education is in a shambles.  Our kids throughout the State are suffering at the hands of the disastrous college and career readiness standards (aka Common Core.)

Our State Board of Education chair has denied she accepted the mandate to incorporate national standards into our TEKS, despite being shown that we have the evidence of such.

Parents are busy trying to coordinate opting out of STAAR tests, learning how to homeschool and suffering through homework and failing grades night after night.

Students are distraught and being labeled with a myriad of disorders, such as ADD, ADHD or otherwise learning disabled, when there is nothing physiologically impaired.

Teachers are bound and gagged by their contracts not to speak out against the system that is killing their profession and preventing them from actually teaching.

Administrators are increasingly bought off for education reform through big lobbies that give them big titles in their organizations, while taxpayers foot the bill for their participation.

We have heard from Senator Cruz that he would abolish the Department of Education.  While that sounds like a long time pipe dream come true, what does it mean?

We have the nasty legislation of the ESSA and so many other works that are in place that can still be carried out without this Federal agency.  All 50 states have essentially rolled over and allowed the Feds to creep into their state education agencies through the backdoor of big lobbyists. Cruz and others tout portability and school choice.  It can only be assumed that they either fail to recognize or deliberately ignore the fact that any Federal dollars following students will defeat the purpose of eliminating the Department of Education.

Will presidential hopeful Cruz take a definitive stand and say that with the abolition of the DOEd that States can once again exercise their sovereign rights to matters not declared to belong to the Federal government?

Will the Senator from the great State of Texas ensure that all “Fed Ed” puppet strings are cut loose from our kids?

Will he protect the rights of parents to choose to homeschool, hire private schools or utilize public education?

Can he provide assurances that the public/private takeover that is underway will be intercepted to ensure that parents do not lose their rights to representation of their taxation?

Our kids are not being measured by their own performance and they are not being made whole when the system fails them.  It is time for the people that want to lead in our nation to tell us the truth about this corrupt reform movement and show us how they will end it.

In order to preserve our republic, it is imperative that we rid our nation of this atrocity.

There is hope that Ted Cruz is the man to do that.  So far, I’m not convinced.