ATTN: Parents of Katy ISD Students

In previous blogs, we learned that the Texas State Board of Education has ignored expert and parent pleas to refuse the national push to invade our State standards for education.

It is wreaking havoc, not only on our teachers, our students and parents, but it is killing our kids’ grade point averages.

The new curriculum is designed to emphasize “process” standards, rather than actual mathematics.

The so called “accountability” system for the schools does not really measure student performance.  Meanwhile, the achievement gap is closing in the wrong direction.  Our average students are moving toward the at-risk level, rather than vice versa.

While our school board is focused on cutting costs by reducing transparency, let’s challenge the incumbents running in the upcoming election to tell us what they know about what is happening in the classroom.

Contact your Board of Trustees today and tell them that it is not acceptable that 2074 out of approximately 5031 students failed or nearly failed their first semester of Algebra I.  It is difficult to determine where the students actually stand with the rounding of grounds, extra credit, dropping low grades, cumulative testing, etc.  We must demand change.

We must demand that our Board of Trustees unite with our teachers to push back on the Texas SBOE and tell them to rid our state standards of this senseless common core/college career readiness invasion that is destroying our kids’ educations, their grades and their future transcripts. In order to keep their positions, they need to know that we expect that they stand with the teachers, parents and students even if our District is the sole voice to battle this intrusion.

Further, it needs to be made clear to Texas SBOE Chairperson, Donna Bahorich, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick and our Governor Greg Abbott, that the people have had enough and expect that they defend and protect our State’s sovereign right to education.

If all is lost in Texas, what can we hope for our nation?

It is time to unite. Who is in?

*** Update to this blog:  This afternoon, the District provided the actual number of students enrolled in Algebra I to 5031; therefore, 37.5% students either failed or nearly failed Algebra I in the 3rd 6wks and 41% either failed or nearly failed the 1st Semester.