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James Dickey’s Political Suicide Mission

This is so simple. President Trump is our President because the heartbeat of America was done with sleazy politicians who play backroom games.  We did not know what to expect from Donald J. Trump other than a hard hitting force... Continue Reading →

Public Information from Katy ISD

June 20, 2018 After I was told by one of the Public Information Officers at Katy ISD this week that individuals in the district were "getting smart" and learning "not to put anything in writing" so as not to subject... Continue Reading →

Letter to County Commissioners

I am one of those people that views most taxation as theft.  I am for limited, necessary government, not an eradication of all government so don't confuse the two.   It is imperative that taxpayers stand up in their local... Continue Reading →

KISD BOT Address 5/17/17

From: Kim Belcher <> To: ashleyvann <>; courtneydoyle <>; charlesgriffin <>; rebeccafox <>; billlacy <>; bryanmichalsky <>; georgescott <> Cc: lancehindt <> Sent: Wed, May 17, 2017 8:59 am Subject: KISD Use of Technology / Student, Teacher Privacy and Protection... Continue Reading →

Guest Commentary from Dr. David Velasquez for Katy ISD Board of Trustees

“The problem we have is that as our local revenue grows, the state gives us less, so there's little relief. But I think in Katy, we do a great job. Student learning has to be our No. 1 priority.”  This... Continue Reading →

For Katy ISD Incumbent Ashley Vann, Words Speak Louder Than Actions

Guest Commentary by Dr. David Velasquez, Katy ISD Board of Trustee Challenger for Position 3 ~ Website of Dr. Velasquez For Katy ISD Incumbent Ashley Vann, Words Speak Louder Than Actions In a recent article by Community Impact Newspaper-Katy, incumbent Ashley... Continue Reading →

Randy Houchins ~ Educating Texans: The State of Mathematics

Randy Houchins is an advocate for your Texas children in education matters.  He has worked extensively to educate Texas' elected representatives, parents and educators on the dangers of the Texas Mathematics TEKS, as they pertain to common core math. Please... Continue Reading →

Dwayne Stovall: Excerpt on Texas Political Landscape

Please see the attached link for an excerpt of Dwayne Stovall's "Get Off My State" presentation made to the Katy ISD School News group in Katy, Texas on March 19, 2017. This clip is in reference to the shift in... Continue Reading →

School Choice Snapshots

My take on the fallacy of school choice is summed up in these graphics. Wall Street and investors are the only ones that gain from this monstrosity. There is no choice when you hand your kids over to the almighty... Continue Reading →

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